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Re: Harley Earls near heart attack

From: Kenny J.
Date: January 22, 2002


Chevys had better fit & finish, GM is a much larger corporation, per unit cost is lower for all their expenses, etc. Ford is also an older, well established, large corporation and was amazingly self-sufficient with a large, loyal customer base. Chrysler rushed their newest (1957) Forward Look cars into production to try to establish a larger customer base and to try to get a jump on GM. As a result, the cars had terrible quality issues with their body work, especially the '57s & '58s. Ford's "Y-Block" V-8s had upper end oiling problems. Some of the early Chevy V-8s had soft camshafts. But GM & Ford were much larger, older corporations and could absorb backlash from both quality & marketing issues. There are other factors, but these come to mind immediately. Chrysler always produced top notch engines & drivetrains, but there were quality issues from time to time as well as some poor marketing decisions. When a company has relatively limited resources, Such factors have a larger overall effect.


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