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D/C doesn't have volume,but FORD does!

From: Daven Anderson
Date: January 24, 2002


Oh,I forgot to mention that GM handed the large RWD car market outright to Ford,just when GM had got their large RWD cars 'right',too! And GM is too stupid to import the Holden Commodore as a police car (even though GM makes it,in LHD AND it has American V8's underhood!),this badboy would just take the police car market right from Ford.(which,of course got it handed to them by GM in 1997!) It is certainly true that Daimler/Chrysler can't compete with GM on sheer volume,but FORD can. If some time traveler from the future came and told me I'd live to see Ford unseat GM as world's #1 volume automaker,I wouldn't be surprised one bit......


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