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The Woes of a leaking trans.

From: Jonny Milkshake
Date: January 25, 2002


Upon returning home from a hockey game, I zapped my garage door at the foot of my driveway and noticed my wife was home, cause her 61 Fury was parked in the garage. I was horrified to see my headlights had illuminated an oil puddle about a foot and a half around under the car. Quickly I parked, jumped out of the truck and immediately dove under the Fury, with the help of flashlighting, mirroring and wiping I fond the source of the dreaded leak. The kick-down lever seal seems to have reverted to babyhood and started to dribble...alot! OK, I think, I have to pull the trans to even reach the seal, so lets look into freshining up the trans since its out, that progressed to lets rebuild the trans which promptly escelated to, lets do a more modern swap of the trans. After much archive searching and a half bottle of Visine later, I've discovered this. There is no "direct" trans swap, there isn't even any minor modification swap, it's either keep what you got or put in a new crank and a62-62 a body 727. As I come to the end of this yarn, I ask one question. Am I wrong? Is there a magical swap that has eluded me? jonny the depresed


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