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More on Drive shafts.....

From: Eric Carlson
Date: February 01, 2002


I lost the U-joints in my '65 the other day, I was going to put in a '68 driveshaft to get home...I noticed the slip-yoke grooves were different, as well as the driveshaft itself. Well, this is the tranny I'm putting in the '59 Chrysler once winter is over, so I want to get this right. The '65 driveshaft has a 'collar' right behind the front U-joint where the '68 doesn't. A guy mentioned that the '65 tranny might need that for balance?!! I put the new U-joints in the '65 driveshaft and I'll use this setup in the '59....but, does that driveshaft need to be with the '65 tranny? Thanks...Eric


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