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Re: Chrysler Sales... Lower than GM...Always was, Always will be

From: Doo Wop Al
Date: February 01, 2002


Today, I see quite a few Mopar ads on TV, but there is still more GM and Ford products where I live in southern Mississippi. I think, from observation, some of the problem is due to not enough dealers, and an all too common product line. Chrysler is too quick to cut models and the entire Plymouth line for that matter. What's the point of a Dodge Neon and Plymouth Neon? Why not have differed? Concorde and LHS are way too close in comparison. Anyway, I've gotten off on a tangent. Two Mopar dealers within a 75 mile radius here. 5 Ford dealers. 7 GM dealers. See the deal? Why does'nt DC? I feel a market anylisis is due!!!!!


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