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'Christine' questions

From: Scott
Date: February 03, 2002


I'm sure that the last thing you guys want to read are more 'Christine' questions. But I just watched the DVD (again), and noticed some things that I didn't pick up before. The scene where Arnie pulls into Darnell's for the first time...If you listen closely, you can hear the engine rev up right before he starts pulling in. In other words, it sounds like 'Christine' (or at least the car they used in this scene) is a 3spd. But in the 'October 9' scene where he's sitting in the car with 'Pledging My Love' on the radio, Arnie's hand is resting where the push-buttons are on the auto trans. cars. So I guess my question is, is 'Christine' suppose to be an automatic or a stick? Also, anyone know how many Furys/Belvederes were destroyed in this movie? How many '58s are left? About the movie...I seem to recall that there was a scene where Arnie is sitting in the car in LeBay's driveway pre-purchase and hears a female voice (presumably Christine) trying to seduce him. Something like, 'Come on big boy, you know that you want to take me for a ride.' Didn't see this in the DVD, but then maybe I am confusing the movie with the novel. ;-) Was Arnie behind the wheel when it killed Moochie and Buddy? I guess we're suppose to think that it was Christine, because Arnie comes in the next morning with Darnell's "caddy full of parts", but I always thought this was up for interpretation. Last the novel, IIRC, LeBay comes back to visit Arnie after he has died. There is also some suggestion that he (LeBay) made the car "evil", but in the movie it seems pretty clear that it was possessed from the start. What's with the discrepancy? TIA! -Scott


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