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Re: In fact...

From: Scott
Date: February 08, 2002


Daven, Thanks for the info. I was thinking about dumping one of the carbs, but wasn't sure if or how that would affect the vehicle's performance. Do you know what kind of mileage I could expect with just one carb? Any possibility of breaking 20? That's probably too optimistic. Have you ever installed a tach into one of these cars? Also, is the third gear ratio 1.00:1 on the torqueflite. I seem to recall that it was just a bit lower (maybe 1.05:1 or something) than that, but not sure. Any idea of top speed with the 350 (I think the 4bbl is rated @ 290bhp)? I had her up to 95mph on a stretch of I-5 here in Calif., and she felt like she still had some left. Speedo goes up to 150, but I don't think that's possible. ;-) Thanks again for all of your help, Daven. -Scott


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