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Re: 59 New Yorker Windshield Washers

From: ForwardLook Frank
Date: February 13, 2002


Hey Chris, There are small vertical strips on the chromed cowl vent. The small vertical strips can be removed gently with a small screwdriver. Underneath the clips, once removed, there will be screws that you can take off and then the cowl vent will simply lift off. After that replacing your hoses will be a snap. You also may want to replace the plastic tee. A friend of mine has a '59 New Yorker as I looked at that recently as his jiffy jet doesn't work either. Hey while I got you, and since you own a '59 New Yorker, I have a question for you. In a little while we're going to rebuild the 413 on that car. What's the correct colors for the engine compartment? I was guessing.....valve covers,block, and accessorie drives were black and the air cleaner was gold. Am I correct? Also are the inner fenderwells and core support on your car body color? I don't think this is correct but, I could be wrong. When I look at his engine compartment, his inner fenders and core support are body color. I don't see any sign of it being painted over but, then again I never seen a '59 Mopar with body color inner fenders and the like. Let me know. Thanks for your help. I hope I have helped you with what you needed. Take Care.


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