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Yes it's True!

From: Justin
Date: February 13, 2002


I need to move the car. I just don't have the means to fix it and I don't want to drag it around for the next 4 years until I have the means. I wish I had a farm or someplace I could just park it for a long time, but I don't. The car's wedged in a really tiny garage and I can't work on it. When I finally calculated how much it would cost to bring the car back to the standards I had in mind, it came out to $26,000. My girlfriend actually likes the Plymouth, but New Orleans has a lot of property crime, and I don't want her car to be parked on the street. This is just one of those unpleasant life decisions that one has to make from time to time. As for the car itself, it's probably most useful as a parts car. With extensive metal work, it could be saved. However, it would be lot cheaper to start out with a car with less rust.


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