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58 torque-flight problems

From: Brian
Date: February 13, 2002


I recently got my '58 Fury on the road, after a long 30 year hibernation. since it's been rolling, I've had some transmission issues. First, some bacground: car stored since 1973. 94,000 original miles, original engine and transmission. alledgedly the transmission had a major service or overhaul in the late 60's. No other service records available. When I got the car, it would do R and D just fine, but was not shifting into either 2nd, or maybe 3rd gear, depending on who you asked. Whatever it was shifting into, it would do so at about 35mph. Gradually - and I mean whithin the space of 70 miles - things got worse. Right away it would occasionally stop shifting all together. I would still have R and 1, but no upshifts. Then it started not wanting to go into 1 from N, but i still had R. Of course, I set of to do all the neglected maintenance - oil changes, etc. All my tools were ripped off, so I had to take it to a shop for this work. Shop found when they removed the tranny pan, that it was full of brownish sludge. Clutch material, they think. Anyway, they did a ATF change, cleaned up the screen, and now I got no forward gears at all. Still got Reverse though. They are checking into the availability of kits and cost of rebuild now, but I want some other opinions. Just needs a clean and flush? bad clutches? whatcha think? thanks in advance! Brian an air-cooled VW guy out of his element


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