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From: Chris Bailey
Date: February 14, 2002


Thanks for the help Frank. I think my vent must be a little different from yours but you put me on the right track and I got the thing off without damage. Thanks again. I only just got this car so I'm feeling my way around it - in fact just getting used to how long it takes to walk round it. This car has low mileage and has had little work done so the paint under the hood should be as Chrysler left it. The inner fenders are black, the firewall is body color. I'm not sure what a core support is but if you mean the thick folded metal structure that holds the engine mounts and all that stuff - that's black. If you mean the panel that goes across the front of the radiator - that's black. The air cleaner is gold, the engine block, valve covers, water pump etc are all black too. So are the tie bars that run from the fenders to the firewall. If you like I can email photos. Another question - how much free play should there be at the steering wheel?


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