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Re: Actually

From: Eric Carlson
Date: February 15, 2002


Interesting.....I checked out a '37 Divco Milk Truck two weeks ago, it had a Studebaker clip with Ford engine!! Does the Volare clip line up better, or what makes it better over the Mustang clip? I've never clipped a car, but it's something to keep in mind. I had this horrible picture in my head of a Volare slammed coming at me when I read your post...So when you do the clips, it gives the car the 'stance' you want without the dropped spindles or is it how you set it up? I almost bought a '63 Studebaker Wagonaire sliding sunroof that was clipped with a 327 setup, what a bitchin' car!! Have one of these laying around???? Eric


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