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From: alumcan
Date: February 15, 2002


I know that this should be in the wanted section, but I'm looking for some discussion on this. OK Kiddies, I'm ready to trade what's left of my '58 Plymouth parts collection. The hard part is figuring out how to sort out the parts so I have several pictures, instead of several hundred different pictures. I'll work on that problem here in the near future. Let's see if I can remember everything that I have. A almost complete '58 Fury interior. This is good for patterns only, (cloth) and the rear seat 'dip. I have two '58 Fury titles. One is a Colorado and number plate, 318 car. 2nd title is a West Virginia 350 'stick' car. Car was bought new by movie star, Craig Stephens=Peter Gunn. 2 350 motors. One is that 350 stick motor, totaly re-built, .030 over, had to send to Calif to get pistons made, $2,700 1983-85 dollars, never fired. 2nd 350 is a 2bbl motor/trans complete. There are two 350 Fury intakes, (no carbs) one and half sets of air cleaners, 2 sets of linkages, 1 fuel block. Pair of '58 bumpers/with wings. Wings spent the past year in the chrome shop, and were not done. (%$#@^%*@'s) I will try to find another shop. I have only one set of wing clips. I had all four sets, but, you know,,,,. I have a rather large collection of Christine memorbilia. It's easier to tell what I don't have. Clothing; there might be some 'chincy' cap or something out there, but I do not have the cast/crew jacket. I have most of the American books, (no signed copies) and several in foriegn languages. I have all music, (I think 3 differnt 33's, 2 CD's one is very rare) except the cassette tape. The actual 16mm movie I do not have, (they are illegal for private ownership) I have the 16mm trailer. I have everything else. All the posters and Lobby cars. There is probably some part/item that I have forgotten, but anyway, what I want to do, is TRADE everything for a decent '57-'59 Chry/DeS Convt parts car ONLY. Anybody got one of them 'boogers in their back yard? All I'm looking for, is just the Convt components only. The only way that I will sell any of this Plymouth stuff, is if I can turn right around an buy that '57-'59 convt parts car. Anybody wanna trade?


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