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From: Nathan Manning
Date: February 17, 2002


OK, Now that I have finally mastered the art of actually typing in the box BEFORE hitting the enter key.... I agree that no other car could quite take the place of the original Christine. However, I think the big Dodge Ram would be pretty darned scary if you ticked it off. In regard to your comment about trashing old Ford/Chevy stuff, I really don't think that's the answer. Although there are what seems to be billions more of those on the road... I still wouldn't condone the reckless destruction of any American - or European car. There are plenty of old Chevy/Ford selections among my list of favorite automobiles. However, like yourself, my deepest automobile affections lie with the ForwardLook Chryslers. I'm sure with the glitzy special effects of today we could avoid any needless destruction. Happy Motoring!


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