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Re: "Christine" number of cars destroyed in making film ?

From: Kyle
Date: February 17, 2002


An interesting little side note. . . I was just at the Chicago Auto Show, and guess what famous movie car was there? According to the Volo Auto Museum, it's the only surviving original car from Christine. Now according to this guy from Volo, there were originally 16 cars seeked out for the movie, but they were only able to acquire 14. He claims that 13 were totally destroyed and this is the sole survivor. (He also valued the car at $150,000 because of this movie affiliation!!!). I don't buy this story. . . The car was obviously not in the movie anywhere. (It doesn't have the bumper wings, and it stripe down the side is aluminum; it's grey paint. But who knows. Perhaps this car was a stand in. ;) None the less, it was still fun to check it out. I got quite a few pictures of it if anybody's interested. Just e-mail me. Kyle


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