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Re: change axles??? never heard that one....

From: Dark Cloud
Date: February 19, 2002


Hmmm...that's the first time anyone said that you need to change the axle shafts if you change the carrier. I thought that it was only necessary when you changed housings (ie: C Body to A Body) due to the difference in widths. But, to clarify, I have a 65 axle in a 65 B-body with a 741 case. I am swapping in a 489 Sure Grip third member, and I have been told that the only concern I may have is the U-Joint, which is readily available to fit the large yoke to the smaller driveshaft. If you have some information that differs from this, please do I mentioned, I haven't heard that before. I realize that most everyone here is "Forward Look" era...I come here cuz I have a poly motor and everyone else post FL is going BB. At any rate...I found this information regarding 741, 742 & 489 on when you have time: laterz...


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