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rebuilding American iron

From: Brian Wittling
Date: February 19, 2002


OK, so my '58 Fury is running acceptably well for now, but something about all the blow-by I'm getting tells me that shortly I will be thinking about a rebuild. Now, I'm an old-school VW guy myself, and this is the first water-cooled car I've ever owned, much less taken on the task of rebuilding. I'm still bummed I can't just weel the motor out on a floor jack in 15 minutes! So, what I'm looking for here is an idea on what it's going to take, in terms of time and $money$, to do a smart rebuild on my 318. I want the car to look stock, but I'm all about performance mods that don't show, and mo-dern tecknologee innerds an' fixins'. I'm thinking here like a full-on balance, blueprinting and port/polish job here. Any other ideas? What's it take for these behemouths? If anyone can point me to pictures of good examples of how the Fury 318 was painted from factory, that would be great too! Thanks in advance! Brian


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