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I thought it was a '57/the car's in the parking lot of the school in background

From: Daven Anderson
Date: February 21, 2002


I noticed the car even when I saw the movie in the theatre in 1994! Someone offered them a loan of a Fury to appear in the background in the parking lot (it shows up two or three times). I thought it looked very out of place,you didn't really see mint '57-58 Mopars around in 1976, especially not in a high school parking lot! Most of the cars produced were gone by then,and very few had been restored in those pre-Christine days. You would see a '57-58 Mopar occasionally,but it would be a beater. A rust-covered banged up '57 Belvedere could have passed as an authentic 1976 high-school kid beater! Strange as it seems,you are more likely to see a cherry '57-58 Mopar on the road NOW than in 1976! The 'good original' cars were all hibernating in garages until the '80's,when "Christine" bought them some overdue collector interest. So rent the movie again and look carefully at the parking lot shots!


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