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Re: I kinda remember that... You're right about the period thing 2

From: Lou
Date: February 21, 2002


You're right on the money about the"cool"thing.A couple of highschool friends were teased constantly about driving so called weird cars.One used his dad's 60'Ford/6cyl 4 dr sedan,the other his mom's 61'Fury 318 coupe.Muscle cars,pony cars,especially Chevelles ruled the road when I was a highschool student in the mid 70's.Not to endure the wrath of fellow gearheads with SS396's and GTO's by driving my parent6 cyl Fairlane 4dr sedan,I found(and still have)a 64'Fairlane hdtp,my other favorite car.ThoughI've always nurtured a soft spot for Forward Look cars,they were out of place then as well as being hard to find in good shape.Others have finally learned to appreciate them now as icons representing a better time.Ah,nostalgia!!


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