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Re: I kinda remember that... You're right about the period thing 2

From: Kenny J.
Date: February 22, 2002


I got my first '59 Chevy when the second owner (who had inherited it from a deceased aunt) presented it to his 16 year old daughter as a birthday present. She refused it ("It's soooooooooooo weird!"), so he sold it to me. He did not buy her the new Z-28 she wanted nor any other car. Forward Look cars were pretty much out of the picture by the time I started high school. The road salt saw to that. One elderly couple around the corner had a two tone green '59 Plymouth sedan which they seldom drove. A Belvedere with a 318 & automatic. Many of the '63 & up C and D body cars were purchased for their drive trains. Kids would buy a 318 or even 225 Satellite or Coronet, buy an old New Yorker or Newport, stuff the B or RB engine/tranny into their B bodies, toss the 225 or 318 (and tranny) into the trunk of the C or D body donor car and have the mess hauled away. Then they would find out all that power and torque would eventually blow out their differential and discover that their B body's original brakes and torsion bars weren't up to the job. Kinda sad....


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