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A few more

From: Daven Anderson
Date: February 22, 2002


11. You get a big thrill when you buy a part for your newer car, just because the part is right there in stock! 12. You look at 60's-70's C-body sedans like a vulture ("I could use the engine,brakes and rear axle for my next project!) 13. You can read a Hollander's interchange manual as easily as a kindergarten ABC reader. 14. You ask for later car's parts ("I need a ballast resistor for a '68 Satellite","I need a fan belt for a '66 Fury with a 318") because the parts counter guy glares at you if you ask for that part by the model of car you're actually putting the parts on! 15. When driving your newer car,you miss the people looking at your car and asking about it!


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