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Re: yet another christine on ebay looks real good

From: Brian Wittling
Date: February 22, 2002


Well, It's up to $14,800 now, and STILL hasn't met reserve. It's not even a very good example of a Fury either. The owner also has not bee forthcoming with more or better pictures, of underbody, trunk, interior, etc. Says he is "new" to the internet and does not know how to attach pictures to an e-mail (yet somehow figured out how to list several auctions w/pictures on E-Bay). I offered to pay to Fed-Ex pictures, and a rubbing of the build plate to me (so I could confirm it's a REAL Fury by the paint code) and he did not respond. He says he took all the "poop" gold trim off himself and then sold it at a Flea Market for about $2,500, and now wishes he has his "poop" back! Buyer Beware! -Brian


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