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Re: Funny you should mention "people looking/asking ?"

From: Kenny J.
Date: February 24, 2002


I'm happy to discover I'm not the only one to occasionally feel this way. Plus the usual questions and the statements I patiently correct: "No, it doesn't have a Hemi.......Plymouths never had factory installed Hemis until 1966." "No, that's the original steering's a manual transmission. No, they didn't all come with push button automatics." "Yes, 1959 Mopars do have normal sounding starting motors." "No, that's the factory starting circuit. It was not modified with Ford parts." "Yes, it burns regular. Sixes and 318 two barrels didn't need premium." "Why can't I listen to jazz or contemporary rock? Is there a law that says I have to listen to the oldies station?" "No, DeSotos weren't the only Mopars to have fins." But all this aside, I usually enjoy the attention & interest. We must be diplomatic with the general public, since politicians and radical environmentalists still use large 1950s automobiles as symbols of watefulness and major pollution.


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