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1972 B Body Rear Axle

From: Kenny J.
Date: February 24, 2002


Okay, Somebody gave me a rear axle from '72 Satellite Sebring that had a 318/A-904. I believe Daven pointed out that this would physically fit nicely under my '59 Suburban. This is the really light duty unit, but it should be fine with a 318/stick. Problem is, it has a 2.93 or so rear end ratio. Is there a ring and pinion set available to install 3.23s or 3.55s? I'm afraid the 2.93s or whatever are too high to launch a 4000 pound wagon with a three speed manual. Any opinions or suggestions? B Body 8 3/4 third members are nearly impossible to find out here. Especially since the Mopar only yard closed down and a local business man dried up the limited supply of these pieces during the mid 1990s when he was cobbling together fake Charger R/Ts, GTXs and Road Runners to sell to unsuspecting "investors" back then.


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