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Right on the deck height, wrong on the manifolds

From: Mike Patterson
Date: February 24, 2002


Your correct about the deck height, but wrong on the manifolds. (We're talking Hemi here, not B VS RB). For what ever reason, instead of using the same head, Chrysler made the 392 Heads wider than the 331/354 Heads. This allows 331 354 and 392 Manifolds to interchange between the engines. They do make a spacer to put the narrower 331/354 HEADS on the 392. If you want to put 392 heads on a 33i or 354, about the only way to do that is with the old two piece multi-carb log manifolds. Russ as far as the manifolds themselves, I think you will find that they were both single plane intakes, and the only real diffrence is the casting numbers. Bolt your 392 manifold on and enjoy.


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