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Re: Funny you should mention "people looking/asking ?"

From: Mike Patterson
Date: February 24, 2002


Sounds like the start of a top 10 misconceptions about fin cars. From personal experience I think you have the first two right "does it have the Hemi and does it have the push buttons". When I had my 57 Dodge with the Dual Quad 440, PB 64 Torqueflight, 9 1/4 Posi, Disc Brakes, electronic iginition, add on air, custon dash, etc etc (about the only thing that was reasonably stock was the body) the one I hated hearing was "What a nice restoration". I'm waiting for when I get my 57 Plaza 354 Hemi Tri Power 4 Spd project done to here "Gee my dad had one just like it". Oh Well.


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