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trans. questions

From: ted vonwyl
Date: February 24, 2002


i have my motor out of the 64 new yorker and im ready for installation into the 57 belvedere.and im running into problems.1st the motor mounts are not right but i think they can be made to work.2nd if i use the 64 trans. im going to have a lot of problems.the drive shaft will need cut,the trans. mount on the 64 dose not line up with the cross member on the 57, and i wont have park or a parking brake so i was thinking of going with the older big block here is where the questions start.what year trans. will bolt up to the 64 block and crank and still have the brake drum for the parking brake?is there anyone in ohio with a working trans.or a rebuildable one?has any one rebuilt one lately that would have an idea on what it would cost to rebuild one? thanks ted von wyl


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