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1959 Plymouth Sport Fury

From: Russell
Date: February 25, 2002


Hi I'm back on the list! I have just aquired a spectacular 59 Sport Fury Convertible with 45k Documented original miles. The car is a cream puff and needs little to be in #1 condition. There seems to be some confusion as to the engine size, I believe it to be a 318 with a power pack but was told my engine is actually a 361. I can't tell by the casting number but I do know the distributer is in the back as opposed to the front of the engine bay. As much as I would like it to be the Golden Comando I'm 90% sure it is not. I just need to be sure, so if anyone out there knows the answer to this question please email me. Thanks, Russell 1959 Desoto 1959 Plymouth


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