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Re: Poly-318- so how can I make 300-350 hp...???

From: ~Dark Cloud
Date: February 26, 2002


I'm working on getting more power from my 65 Belvedere. Once I get my headers from Spitfire and install a decent cam I'm thinking about doing a dyno run. So far I have the Weiand intake and a 625cfm Carter with dual exhaust. This is a vast improvement over the stock two barrel, and the manifold is great on delivering power. My ass-dyno says big improvement, but I haven't had it calibrated in years. You can check out my pages at to get some information. I know Gary (author of the article) and he did spend a bit of money to get all that work done. I won't go that far, but I do plan on building another 318 poly motor and going oversize on the pistons. That's down the road, but you can follow the progress I make as I will keep my site updated. Hope this helps...


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