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None of them 100% "direct"!

From: Daven Anderson
Date: February 27, 2002


Perches are always a little off! You see now the original flange-to-flange is 55 5/8",so the good candidates for swapping are close to this mark. The 71-72 pass. B-body is 57 47/64". The 70-74 E-body is 56 7/16",'better' BUT E-body housings are more in demand from E-body owners ($$). The '69 C-body non-wagon is also 56 7/16",so this might be the best ticket! (don't tell E-body owners,ha ha!) The 56 7/16" flange housings are as close as they get to the 57-62 fullsize housing! In '70 the non-wagon C-body grew to 57 3/4",BUT that's still well within range to use in a 57-62 fullsize (as is the '71-72 non-wagon B-body). A 57 3/4" housing in good shape beats a trashed 56 7/16" unit any day!


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