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Re: how much was the final bid on the ebay fury?

From: Brian Wittling
Date: February 27, 2002


Nope, seller states he gave all the gold Fury trim to a friend to sell at a flea market - called it "poop", and now says he wishes he still had that "poop", I bet he does! I think he's got poop for brains turning what was probably a car well on its way to being a nice faithful resto of a Fury, into yet another lame Christine clone. Some people man.. why don't they just hack up Belvederes and leave the nice and valuable Fury's alone!? <br> On another note, I offered to pay to have a rubbing of the build plate fed-ex'ed to me, but he came up with some lame excuse as to why he couldn't do that. Also said he didn't know how to attach pictures to an e-mail to send me more. I have my doubts the car is even a *real* Fury. I'm amazed someone paid that much for it. Brian


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