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From: Dick Whelan
Date: February 27, 2002


You hit a nerve here, Brian, seeing I own one of those "hacked up Belvederes" you talk about. My car is a 57 red and white laquer,custom red and white leather interior,all of the gold Fury trim including the grille,Fury V800 motor with dual quads, 150 mph speedo etc.Maybe its not a real Fury. But it is sure twice the car that the patched up,incorrect rust buckets that I looked at for many years in search of a "real" Fury were! Properly restored,top Quality 57-58 Furys probably can be counted on your fingers and toes and seldom does one come up for public sale. I owned an original 58 Fury in 1963-64. Always wanted another ,but the price has prevented that so I guess my "hacked up belvedere" will have to do.


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