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Re: Reproduction 57/58 Ply bumper wings

From: Tony
Email: 719
Date: February 28, 2002


There's a company in Florida that claims to be able to triple chrome plastic parts. They do this by applying a conductive coating on the plastic and then dip the parts in tanks to apply copper, nickel, and then chrome. I considered this for one of my projects, a 65 Sport Fury convertible, it has the 3 dash parts and 2 armrests that are molded plastic. The armrests can be polished prior to chroming, but the dash parts are too intricate. This company advertises in Hemmings under Services. I own a 58 Belvedere sedan that was built late in the model year, and it came with wings. I paid $700 for the car. I agree that cost of reproduction wings will be very prohibitive. If I ding one of mine it goes back to the bumper works for repair at about $80. Can you do that with a resin, plastic, or fiberglass wing?


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