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Nothing Wrong with That!

From: Kenny J.
Date: February 28, 2002


I see nothing wrong with building a Fury "replicar" out of a Belvedere.At least you can enjoy driving it without worrying too much about exposing an ultra-rare piece of machinery to traffic and weather. As long as the builder doesn't mis-represent the car as the genuine article when he sells it, fine. I know many fellow motorheads who used to "change" Satellites into Roadrunners, plain Camaros into SS's, plain Chargers into R/Ts, etc. back in the '60s and '70s. I had a neighbor who bought a rolled over GTO and used all the heavy duty goodies on his Le Mans coupe. He never tried to play it off as a real GTO, but the next owner did. But we all knew better. So many fellow Forward Look owners are changing out rear axles, engines, front brakes, etc. to make their cars more practical. There will always be enough originals around. I have two '59 "Brand C" Impalas. One is a matching numbers car that will remain stock as long as I own it. The other has been "personalized" by previous owners, so I feel no guilt about modifying it as I see fit.


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