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Agree, my 2 Cents

From: Mike Patterson
Date: February 28, 2002


Original, Restored, and Correct, are all terms I think most of us have heard too many times and in most cases are applied to liberally by many car owners. I personally don't get to upset with this until it's used to bash another person or car. Unfortunatly we can't turn back the clock and walk into a dealership and order the old car we want and have it delivered factory fresh (hell most of us would add options later anyway). Most of us are justifiably proud of what we own, from the 6 Cyl beater to the original low milage high preformance models and convertables. (My own personal preference are the 2dr Post cars MODIFIED with big preformance engines and drive trains to go along with them). Besides my 57 Plymouth, I'm also collecting parts for an offbrand project I'm working on. Last week I found and bought my 3rd parts car. Of the parts cars, none of them will be built for whatever reasons, and I'm still looking for the body that I will build. These cars are mine to do with as I see fit and from them I hope to see a very nice completed project. Am I doing the right thing? Yes for me I am, even if it's not what you would do. For me one of the nice thing about going to an all brands car show is seeing the variety of cars and personal tastes even if it's not how I would have done it. The thing that takes the fun out of it are the people who take themselves to seriously.


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