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Re: Agree, my 2 Cents

From: Boyd Crompton
Date: February 28, 2002


I agree on most of this stuff too. No matter what my personal tastes on how I choose to have my car, I never would say anything disrespectful to some one else about how they choose to do theirs. That is what makes the hobby fun. Going to show's and seeing diversity is more interesting. It never ceases to amaze me in 20+ years of going, the ideas and inginuity some of these guys come up with. I wanted a Christine clone so I built one. I never plan on selling it but if I ever did of course I wouldnt represent it as a real Fury. I never got in the hobby to make money. Its something I do to relieve stress. Its all about fun and a sense of accomplishment. I see guys at the shows all the time bashing on some one's car. Most of them don't even have a car there to show. I feel sorry for them. They will never know what they are missing.


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