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From: Brian Wittling
Date: February 28, 2002


OK, perhaps "hacked" is too harsh a term. I come from a VW hobby background, where we use the term "hacked" to describe any vehicle which has been made into something it wasn't originally (such as welding a 23-window deluxe roof onto a Kombi or hardtop Deluxe microbus) and may or may not be misrepresented by the owner (perpetrator) as the real-deal. I wasn't even trying to go off on Belvederes -they are certainly fine automobiles - I was going off on people who "hack" Fury's into a Christine clone, thus possibly ruining a perfectly good and as you pointed out extremely rare car; when they could have just bought a Belvedere -much cheaper and easier to come by comparatively- and had a car that right off the showroom floor is much more a "Christine" car than a Fury ever was. And since Chrysler left us with no good way to determine via VIN#'s what was a Fury and what was a Belvedere, it's probably more common than not that Belvederes are misrepresented as Furys by unscrupulous owners or sellers. Unless you're lucky enough to see the paint code and look for the coveted MMM. So, that's my story and I'm stickin' too it. Sorry if I offended anyone. Brian


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