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From: Dick Whelan
Date: February 28, 2002


Glad to see we generated some interesting conversation.I should note that my "Christine Clone" was started by the previous owner shortly after he and his son saw the movie about 1984-85. They disassembeled the car completely had it painted red and white professionally, interior redone along with chrome, gold anodizing for grille and side trim etc. All the Fury stuff came from an unrestorable car in a northern New York junkyard.Evidently they lost interest and the car sat covered in a garage for 15 years until I purchased it in May 2000 along with all the parts. It was assembled and running by August 2000 and even attended some cruises and shows though far from finished. Needless to say I have had a blast with the car the last two years and am looking forward to this summer with the newly rebuilt(and slightly hopped up) Fury V-800 under the hood. Oh and by the way I never have represented my car as a "real Fury" and never will because it is what it is,a beautiful 57 Plymouth and will stand on its own merits.


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