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55 chrysler 331 engine questions

From: Bill V.
Date: March 02, 2002


Do the 331 wedge and 331 hemi motors share the same bottom end ?? In other words could hemi heads and intake be bolted on the wedge ?? If the answer is no, are the differences minor, and able to be corrected with some hole drilling or machine work ?? Have virtually no experience with these motors, but in my resent travels I've uncovered several both wedge and hemi. So I'm becoming very interested in learning. Also want to compliment those who put this site together. It's very well thought out. On the other hand,I don't think anyone will ever find it by using any of the standard search engines.Spend a lot of time trying lycros, google, ect.,nothing of value.Then one evening I wandered in,but for the life of me can't recall how. Very happy I did. Thanks. Bill V. Pnx. Az.


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