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Re: poly 318 stuff

From: Dark Cloud
Date: March 04, 2002


I have a 65 318 Poly and put up some information on my website ( I'm not entirely familiar with the 325 but as for Poly intakes there's some information there. As for headers, I know that Spitfire makes them for the 318 Poly, and they are very reasonably priced. Yes, you can actually get a supercharger for the Poly if you wanna spend the bucks. I jsut talked with Dick Landy Industries and a Holley 174 type (street - up to 400 hp) is about $2900, and a 177 type (strip, towing, etc. - over 400 hp) is about $3200. They are sending me some pictures and information and I will post it soon. I'll also post pictures of the different manifolds I've seen, including the six pack intake with carbs. That's an expensive set up though. I now have a Carter 625 cfm and a Weiand intake and the power increase is very noticeable. I actually spun a tire yesterday! haha


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