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That would be tricky..How about the 3x2 manifold?

From: Kelly
Email: 21st century digital boy
Date: March 05, 2002


I thought I would have to fabricate headers..I went on the wieand site last night, and it had images of the poly 318 intake, and it looked NOTHING like the intake on mine..Is that thing alumninum?? There is blue paint flaking off(a rebuild 15k ago-before I got the car), revealing aluminum/silver underneath...It would make sense because the intake only bolts to the heads, and it would probably flex because of heat.. Do you know who/where could I get a 3x2 manifold for it?? On another note, I found out that the pushbuttons light up!! I took them off today, and did a good cleaning, replaced the bulb, and repainted the 'D' 'N' and the 'R'..The 'R' was the hardest to paint!!


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