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Just a couple thoughts

From: Mike Patterson
Date: March 05, 2002


I didn't see it mentioned in the posts, so I'll say it. The 315/325 Poly can be converted to Hemi by simply bolting on the a 315/325 Hemi top end (and all the speed parts your buying will fit. Personally, I think a built Dodge Poly would be neat 'cause you just don't see them. If you go with a Tri-power set up and you have a choice, I would recommend going with the Rochester Carbs. From my own experience good rebuildable units are a lot easier to find, Kits are available and reasonably priced, their easier to tune and stock units can be easily modified to act properly as the outboard carbs. (Or you can still buy the Carbs new, but it's a bit expensive). Linkage is easy to fabricate and electric chokes can be added. If all you can find are 3 bolt Stromberg maifolds, adaptors can be easily fabricated. Also when your looking try for a dual plane intake, as I think you'll be much happier in the way it preforms. When you get to the point where your setting up carbs or building linkage, contact me directly, and I'll try to walk you through it. I can also send you some pictures of my linkage setup on rochester equipted Ford FE, Small block Chevy and yes folks My Tri-power Hemi. Anyway, good luck.


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