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Just a two barrel!

From: Kelly
Email: 21st century digital boy
Date: March 06, 2002


Hey Hank. Okay, on the engine, the I.D. number is L325-47351. It's a two-barrel, and it still has it's Bendix-Stromberg WV(?)carb. It had a rebuild 15k mi. ago (1988) along with the tranny. I think then is when it got the blue repaint..Some of the blue is flaking off, revealing the silver/aluminum paint. The valve covers look to be faded gold cad, (that's what they are on the inside) and have no decals on them. It still has the funky air cleaner that lays over the passenger side valve cover, and the decal from the air cleaner is long gone..I was also thinking of getting BMW 325 ci logos for the engine compartment..I went to a few sites that you mentioned earlier and I found an 3x2 at, but it was for a 270..Will it fit?? Thanx. Kelly


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