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Re: Just a two barrel!

From: Hank Dozier
Date: March 06, 2002


The interior "gold/cad" was probably from the "pickeling" they used in the 50s for metal prep to inhibit rust. The final color then was almost always painted. Your blue color came from the rebuild. The L325 makes either Coronet or Lancer, though yours is the base model engine. A 270 intake will not fit, as that is the low-block engine. Your deck height is approximately 0.75" taller for that 3.8" stroke. Bob Walker advertised a 31/325 3x2bbl setup, so you might call him at Hot Heads in Low Gap, NC. Nee to determine which carb base to acquire carburetors. GM 3x2bbl Roxhestors off an Olds is a good candidate, so haunt the vintage GM sites. Also, there are carb vendors in Hemmings as well. IF you find an Olds J-2 setup, the batwing with it would look REAL cool.


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