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Looking for a certain Magazine/article

From: alumcan
Date: March 07, 2002


Out of the foggy depths of my six brane sells, I remembered reading a old magazine about a Convertible conversion. I will relate what I can remember of the article/year (?), and maybe one of you knows which magazine it was in. Then I have a chance of finding that magazine up at Carlisle. OK, the magazne article was about a step-by-step procedure of changing a hard top car to a Convt. The magainze article was way before some of you were even born. Before FwdLK, even before computers. Late '70's, mabye 1980 at the latest. Allow 6 months or so for prnting, a year for the artice to be done, and probably a year or two BEFORE that, to do the actual Convt conversion. So, mid '70's (?) when these guys did the conversion. That is the best I can do on the time frame. I DON'T think this was one of Tex Smiths' early articles, could very well be, just don't remember. The story was this dude had found a outragiously nice/low milage, plain jane, NO options, '59 Plymouth 2-door hard top. His friends, who also had '59 Furys, found this loaded, every option, '59 Sport Fury Convertible in a junk yard. What I can remember of the junk yard pictures, it was flat, no trees, and the other cars in this yard wern't all jammed together. (West, Mid-West) They then proceded to tear the 'plain jane' Plymouth apart, and then did a step-by-step pictorial on the 'right way' to change one to a Convt using 'factory' parts. Another guy's orginal, fully optioned '59 Sport Fury Hard-top was used to see how the junk yard Convt options were to look like and operate. When the whole procedure was done, they had (at the time) one of the best/nicest, lowest milage, '59 Sport Fury Convts in the country. Since I'm going to attempt almost the same procedure, I would like to re-read that article for some tips/pointers. Anybody out there remember the article, and what book that article was in????? Thanks


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