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1958 rear end

From: sean fitzgerald
Date: March 07, 2002


Hello everyone, this is probably a question covered before, but I must ask. I have a 1958 Custom Royal with an 8.75 rear end and 3.36 gears, I believe. I want to swap the ring and pinion for a 2.76 or 2.94 highway gear and would like to know what cast rear end I can safely pull those gears from. Does a 58' match up with a 41, 42, or 89 rear end? Or is it something entirely different? By the way, AAJ brakes has yet another satisfied customer. I put the conversion kit on the car a while back and it brakes far better than it did before. I would suggest coating the calipers and rotor edges against rust, however, for the ones I received began to rust w/in two weeks of being on the car. I choose not to think anything more than perhaps it's Tallahassee's weather, but a good idea non the less. Thanks for the help, Sean


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