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I DID a C-body brake swap,but I recommend the AAJ kit

From: Daven Anderson
Date: March 08, 2002


My '60 Ply. wagon has '76 Gran Fury discs. So when I recommend the AAJ kit,it's because I know all too well the TIME it takes to do any spindle-change brake swap. And if you buy new rotors and calipers as I did (and you should) you really won't even save any money over the AAJ kit. With the AAJ kit,the car can be back on the road the same day with discs,no realignment needed because the original spindles are still there (holding the discs,of course). This advantage also applies to the Magnum Force/Wilwood '57-61 kit,if you need more braking power and have more money. So even if you HAVE C-body parts,I recommend the kits without hesitiation!


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