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Pink carpets for 55 Dodge

From: Bob Ostrowski
Date: March 09, 2002


I have a 1955 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer 4 door Painted in white,pink, and black. I found some of the original old headliner materail in pink tucked up under the gray that came in the car when I bought it and have replaced it with pink. The carpets in the car are now black cut pile. Would this be the correct color or would the car come with pink carpets? I've seen other mopars of this era and the carpets were more like a woven matt. Where can I get some Original carpets? Also, the paint around the gauges in my car is white. I've seen pictures in ads showing it painted pink. I don't see any evidence of mine ever being pink. Does this affect the carpet color? Any help from you "experts" would be great. Thank. Bob 214 351-0441 Dallas Texas


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