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Re: Converting a Poly 301 to a Poly 318

From: Hank Dozier
Date: March 10, 2002


Steve...Looking at my references, the bearing diameters and bearings look to be the same. The one thing not listed seems to be the rods, so my guess is (others help us out here) that a 56 Fury 303 or 57 318 crank is a fit. You would need the appropriate rods and pistons to achieve the displacement. One thing to watch for might be the valves could be different sizes between the 277/301 and the 303/318. Especially for the FURY. I know the cam specs are different. It could be ultimately cheaper to get a pre-62 318 Poly (or the 59 DODGE 326 Poly) and use that as your rebuid unit, and just swap.


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