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Re: Engine Mount Questions

From: Kenny J.
Date: March 10, 2002


Thanks for the info and offer, Ted. :-) I am not sure at this point which drive train I plan to use. I didn't know if there was more interchangeability between A & B/RB mounts before 1962. Apparently not. I believe Joe at has both types of mounts available. I bought an entire engine and tranny from hime and they were in better condition than he described, so I'd trust him if you need the other mounts sooner. I have to make sure on which swap I'm going to do....a 318 poly and three speed or my '69 440 and '68 18 spline A-833 four speed. I have a set of big block torsion bars and all the big block goodies for that swap.....except the disk brake kit and the newer rear axle (apparently my '68 B-Body Dana 60 is a bit too narrow.) I suppose it will depend on how I feel when I'm ready to do the swap. That will be after we're done repainting my '66 pick up ( as well as replacing all of the truck's glass and weatherstripping.) But you have first dibbs on my 361 "can mounts" if I decide to go with the 318.


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